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The staff at Agate and Audet Optometrists will assist you in finding the best fit for your specific needs, explaining how difference lenses and frames will impact your vision.


Selecting your frames is a very personal choice. We have a wide variety of options available that are tailored to suit not only your medical needs but also your fashion preference. Highlight your features, play with colour, and augment vision for different functions such as reading, computer use, driving and playing sports.


Safety Eyewear:


Work Safe!

Patients can purchase safety eyewear independently or through workplace programs. A variety of styles are available from companies such as Securo, 3M, OnGuard and AmouRX.

Brand Name Frames & More Eyewear Options




Our prescription eyewear is CSA, Z94.3 and ISO 9001:2000 standard approved for thickness, durability and impact resistance.


Play Safe!

Nearly 1/3 of Canadians participate in registered sports: That’s nearly 11 million people!


Protect your eyes and save your eyeglasses from damage by investing in a pair of sports goggles or prescription swim goggles.


They are in inexpensive way to save your eyes as well as your game.


Harmful Light and Its Damaging Effects!

Harmful light is made up of invisible UV rays and visible blue light emitted from computers, tablets, smart phones as well as television screens and LED lighting. The effects of this blue light can be felt upon our quality of life, showing up as visual fatigue, headaches and a decrease in productivity. Over the long term, things can get even worse! Harmful blue light can penetrate the deepest layers of the eye, potentially causing serious ocular disease. And to think that 60% of us spend more than six hours a day in front of our screens! And, did you know that along with UV rays, the sun emits 500 times more harmful blue light than what we are exposed to indoors? No doubt about it - it is absolutely essential to provide complete and effective ocular protection for oneself!

Harmful light diagram

Eye Protect System: The Ideal Solution for Keeping Eyes Protected At All Times

Now featuring protection against blue light and harmful UV rays, the Eye Protect System is an innovation integrated directly into lenses that are destined for everyone, available on all Essilor surfaced lenses. The system filters blue light in clear lenses; materials that benefit from this innovation decrease harmful blue light that can potentially lead to AMD, by up to 25%. And, if it is combined with other lenses, such as Transitions lenses, up to 45% of the harmful blue light is blocked! In addition, for optimal protection, there is an E-SPF index that is added with Crizal treatment. This certifies total UV protection for the lens.


The Eye Protect System reduces short-term visual fatigue and promotes overall wellbeing (improved mood, cognitive performances). Long term, it protects against ocular disease and premature ageing of the eyes.


Eye Protect System: a major innovation offering the most comprehensive protection in a clear lens. It protects against harmful light, prevents ocular diseases and promotes long-term eye health!


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  • Two year warranty on all ophthalmic frames and lenses


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